Hi, I’m Arielle!

I’m in graduate school, so I have less time, and at the same time I also crave the companionship that was once a constant. So here I am. Unapologetically me. At 24, I consider myself emotionally mature, but young enough to look up and face the rain with a smile.

My pictures, both professional and candid, are from early 2023 and represent different aspects of who I am. I’m the sweetest, kindest person you’ll ever meet, like a baby bunny with amazing tits. I pride myself on being true no matter where I am. The Arielle you’ll meet is essentially the same Arielle that my barista sees, my friends know, etc–you get the picture.

My reviews often mention that I am the prettiest girl the client has ever met. So, while my face is blurred here for security reasons, I invite you to read them and finding out what others say.

But you have the chance to see a lot more of me, and to discover… well, you’ll need to get in touch and find out.



PS: You can also email me at ariellemay@proton.me, and I or my assistant will be happy to answer any questions, but if you don’t screen, we’re not meeting. 🙂


Age: 24
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5’5″
Bust: 34B
Hobbies: Anime, fitness, dance, hiking

If you want to get me a gift:
Gift cards to Sephora, Macy’s, Amazon, Pink, Victoria’s Secret
Sweet wines
Clothes range from S to XS so best to ask first